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I am Brandy

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I am Brandy Dawson. I am a portrait photographer. I believe in the seasons of a woman’s life, and the importance of remembering them all— the celebration of a graduation, that unmatchable moment when she realizes her family is about to grow bigger, the everyday matters that are rarely mentioned but deserve to be treasured. These are the real moments to me, the ones that leave a woman saying, “I uncovered a new layer of strength in that chapter.”

Through photographing women I see the value in walking with people through life. I find no greater honor than getting to be a part of your story by capturing the timeless moments that matter most. From senior portraits and glamour sessions to family photos and lifestyle sessions, I believe in finding the crossroads in my own work where beautiful meets bold and classic photos merge with the timeless endurance of a woman’s life.

Hi Y'all

"I know what beautiful looks like and I can find it in everyone" 
- Sue Bryce



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I love Jesus, Coffee & Zumba
The Messy Bun is my go to hairstyle of choice

I may or may not overuse “Y’ALL”
Fall is my favorite
Cooking makes me happy, 
eating makes me happier 

Delight & Be Non profit has a piece of my heart

My cat Miss Cleo